Serpens installation

Serpens installation

Using ready to run binaries (Kepler 1.0)

cd ~
tar xfz serpens*-all.tar.gz
cd Kepler-1.0.0/

Using installers (Kepler 2.x)

This method is based on automatic installers generated by Kepler 2.x build system.
Versions available:

Using latest sources (Kepler 2.x)

This method requires to download full source code of Kepler and Serpens, which is a resource consuming action (both network bandwidth and disk space). After installation, the directory containing all sources, libraries and binaries will take approximately 1.2 GB. Please prepare your working directory in advance.

You can easily install Serpens module via SVN repository. In order to install Serpens you have to follow procedure below:

mkdir ~/kepler
cd ~/kepler
svn co
svn co
cd build-area
ant change-to -Dsuite=serpens 
cp ../serpens/module-info/classloaders.txt .
ant run
Accessing Serpens SVN repository in read-only mode

In order to access SVN repository anonymously you can use following parameters
user: anonymous
password: anonymous

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