Updated: 25.04.2006

Migrating Desktop jira FAQ

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NOTE: This FAQ is supposed to provide users with basic information regarding jira bug tracking system. Migrating Desktop project uses jira as it's main source of issue related reports and as a place where all the requested features should be located. If you have any suggestions and/or enchancements please inform us through Migrating Desktop jira system.



Bug trackng system

  1. Q: What is Migrating Desktop bug tracking system anyway?
    A: Bug tracking systems are used for tracking bugs that may occure in software products. It is impossible to develop bug-less application. It is even worts. It is impossible to track all the possible bugs in software product during the test phase. Thus, programmers have to know where bugs reside so they can remove them. To let people (users) inform programmers about bugs we have established bug tracking system. It is avaiable for all that are interesed in providing us with any bug related information.

    NOTE: Remember that by providing us with the bug you can help us a lot during application developement.

  2. Q: What is the point of using bug tracking system anyway?
    A: It is very important for us, developers, to know about all the issues that are present in application. It is also important for you, the user, to know that unstable application will be repaired against all the known bugs. Thus, we both benefit from bug reporting related cooperation.

Loging into Migrating Desktop jira installation

  1. Q: How can I get an access to Migrating Desktop jira installation?
    A: Getting access to Migrating Desktop jira installation is simple. You have three different possibilities of using MD jira:

    • you can submit for an account (see tutorial in here),
    • you can log in as a guest by provding guest/guest as username/password,
    • you can submit/browse bugs anonymously without being logged in

Entering issues

  1. Q: Where can I get software for Fedora? (Updated 25 July 2005)
    A: There are a few "repositories" (sites that hold software). The primary sites are the highly unofficial rpm.livna.org (for packages with licensing or USA patent problems) and the official Fedora Extras. They hold different software.

    For an alternate choice, look at RPMForge. There are some packages in RPMForge that aren't in Extras or livna.org. You can see the list of available packages on the "Mega-Merge" page.

    To search for software in all the major repositories, use the FedoraTracker search engine or rpm.pbone.net.

This FAQ is maintained by Michal Owsiak. michalo[at]man.poznan.pl